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Green Peel ®

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What is Green Peel® Herbal mix?

The Green Peel® peeling treatment is a medically developed biologically inspired method with exclusively natural plant ingredients, which have been successfully proven worldwide to treat skin. This purely biologically based peeling treatment has a plant based compound of active ingredients in which the individual components work together to achieve the desired treatment objectives.
The Green Peel® herbal compound consists of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, mineral salts and other elements from plant derivatives.
Contrary to other peeling methods Green Peel® contains no chemicals, other harmful substances or synthetic peeling agents.
The Green Peel® herbal peeling method is a manual peeling method

A Treatment with Green Peel® should be considered long before the skin has begun to age or before specific skin problems arise. Green Peel® offers effective solutions for healthy and natural skin and is suitable for all skin types and age groups.

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