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Effect of Green Peel ®


  • Increased Circulation
  • Improved Micro Circulation
  • Loosening of upper layers of skin – Epidermal Abrasion
  • Increased production of Collagen
  • Clear Acne and Impure skin
  • Correcting thick callused skin
  • Anti – ageing
  • Decrease and Control Hyper Pigmentation
  • Improve Sagging Facial contours
  • Improve Fine lines and Wrinkles
  • Repair Atrophic Sun damaged skin
  • Reduce Scars and Blemishes caused by Acne, Accidents and Burns


Before and after pictures




GREEN PEEL® – 3 ways to a beautiful healthy skin in harmony with nature


GREEN PEEL®CLASSIC – Correction Treatment – renew your skin, Regeneration of skin tissue after treatment

GREEN PEEL®ENERGY – Correction Treatment – stimulate your skin, Vitality and Regeneration for your skin

GREEN PEEL® FRESH UP – Prevention Treatment – illuminates your skin, Gentle method for fresher vitalised skin

MELA WHITE – Treatment for pigmentation – gentle method for clearer skin complexion, even out skin pigmentation, improves skin complexion