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Relaxed, De Stressed and more energy

I felt extremely relaxed and de- stressed after the stress management program. I really enjoyed the meditation and felt in tune with my breathing which helped my body and mind relaxed. The body alignment techniques and massage helped alleviate all negative energies and relieve all tension from my body. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone leading a busy life and not being able to take time out for themselves. I feel re- energised, my body and mind free of tension and anxiety. I have more energy and feel a lot less weight on my shoulders as I have learnt to balance my life and take a step back at times. The program has enabled me to re learn how to live without reacting to stress and be more in tune with my body and mind.

Thank you Sai Beauty Clinic London….


Enlightening and Transformational

Clarity in thinking and Clarity in mind to figure out my goals and put into action
The mental and psychological support, through the stress management program and coaching sessions, has been transformational. I have not felt judged or disheartened. The program has allowed me to be truthful, open and honest. This has enabled me to absorb, understand and appreciate valuable lessons for implementing change.
The treatments have transformed me physically, aches and pains have gone and I sleep better. Others have noticed a vibrant energy in me and my skin glows.
The breathing exercises and meditation have relaxed my mind and body. The breathing exercises and clarity in thoughts has allowed me to react more objectively to daily life situations and put things into perspective. I don’t feel the heavy weight on my shoulders.
The whole experience has been Enlightening and Transformational. I hope to use this course to move forward as a better more fun loving person.

Thank you Sai Beauty Clinic London.
BB S.Harrow

Better than going to a spa

I have been a client at Sai Beauty Clinic London for many years and can highly recommend the services and Treatment programs. The therapist is able to draw on the many years of skills and experience to offer a personalised service in the comfort of a modern salon. I especially value the advice on skincare and treatments. Sai Beauty Clinic London has access to all the best products and can tailor-make an individual skincare and beauty regime that is suitable for your needs. A session At Sai Beauty Clinic London always feels like a luxurious treat.



I have been a client At Sai Beauty Clinic London for approx. 20 years and have always found the clinic to be very professional.
The therapist keeps to the appointment time, and is always reliable and efficient.
I have enjoyed many of the specialised treatment programs over the years and have always found them to be very
Relaxing and beneficial and always feel amazing after a session at Sai Beauty Clinic London.
The products available are of a very high standard, all natural so delightful to use.
I look forward to every appointment.



The services I received at Sai Beauty Clinic London were excellent. As a woman with PCOS, as well as very sensitive skin prone to scarring, years of poor experiences with laser and electrolysis treatments left me very discouraged. In my past experiences, most ‘specialists’ would not account for the sensitivities of my skin when performing treatments. Therefore, it was a breath of fresh air to discover a specialist who took meticulous care to fit the treatment to my skin type. Not only did Sai Beauty Clinic London take full care to ensure that my skin would not suffer any adverse reactions from the hair removal treatments, the therapist would also recommend high-quality products and everyday practices that could help tackle some of my skin sensitivities. At Sai Beauty Clinic London, you receive full information about all of your treatments in a private and comfortable environment. From Hair reduction treatments to waxing and skin care, I have had a great experience and I highly recommend this clinic..


Peaceful Environment

I have been a client at Sai Beauty Clinic London for nearly 15 years. Their knowledge of why and how hair grows and how to deal with it, as well as skin conditions, is extensive. I have a hormonal imbalance and The Clinic Therapist knows exactly how to manage it effectively. The main treatments I have had at Sai Beauty Clinic London are, initially, electrolysis, and now Epil pro. The expertise and skills are second to none. My Treatment is very fast and very thorough. I have had experience of a few different beauty therapists and This Clinic is a cut above the rest. I have received good advice on how I can help manage the rate of hair growth, as well as the condition of my skin. The utmost care is taken to makes sure that my sensitive skin is not negatively affected by the regular hair removal.
On the odd occasion, I have treated myself to a facial. I am not the only one in saying that the therapist is amazing at doing them. She knows what your skin needs and gives you a proper length treatment that makes you feel really pampered.
Sai Beauty Clinic London never makes you feel embarrassed and is very professional. The clinic is a peaceful environment and is always clean. I trust them completely with my skin and is worth every penny.



I have been a client at Sai Beauty Clinic London for 18 years. I have received exceptional information on hair growth and skin and how diet and exercise could make a difference to hormonal changes in our body. This was extremely helpful, as I have PCOS. From a young age, Sai Beauty Clinic London has encouraged me to cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin, this has helped maintain my skin.
The therapist is extremely thorough and works to a high standard. Over the years I have gathered a lot of useful advice from Sai Beauty Clinic London, which has helped to maintain my own weight, skin and hair problem.


Happy Client

For over 8years, Sai Beauty Clinic London has helped me balance and maintain the condition of my skin. My general wellbeing has been enhanced and my spirits lifted, when going through difficult stages in my life. I feel inspired and uplifted when low and this balanced emotional feeling helps maintain my skin looking great all the time!! Great advice, great skin care and glowing, healthy skin!!
I love all the products I use today.

Thank you so much Sai Beauty Clinic London. You have a very happy client!!!


Life changing / Confidence

At the age of 17 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and the symptoms started straight away. The problems I struggled with the most was weight gain and thick hair growth on my neck and chin (which bothered me more than the weight gain) I did a lot of trial and error with things like waxing, hair removal cream and those cheap laser hair removal options which didn’t work well at all. I was struggling a lot, and getting on with everyday life was proving hard, it was getting to a point where I didn’t want to leave the house, looking people in the eyes and meeting new people I would dread every day. I couldn’t tie up my hair and was even embarrassed to talk to my friends and family so it was all building up and I was crying about it daily. That was all until I came to Sai Beauty Clinic London.
I looked online for something that could help me with the management of excess hair growth. Little did I know that it would change my life.

The Sai Beauty Clinic London is a private clinic, it feels like it is only made for you, beautiful and so professional, immaculately clean and the therapist has so much knowledge and experience. Everyone is lovely and not only do they help me to control the excess hair growth but also gives me advice on my diet and lifestyle which has helped me tremendously. Since starting my treatment with the clinic my life has improved so much, I am so much more confident and have a new lifestyle going on. I can go out without worrying, I’m losing weight and I feel like a new person with a whole new level of confidence and this is all down to Sai Beauty Clinic London.
I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking to change their life.