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Stress Management Programs

Stress Is A Feeling Of Emotional Or Physical Tension.
Emotional stress usually occurs in situations people consider difficult or challenging. People may feel stressed in different situations.

Physical stress is a physical reaction of the body to various triggers. Physical stress often leads to emotional stress, weight gain, excess facial or body hair growth and skin problems).
Stress management involves controlling and reducing the tension that occurs in stressful situations by making emotional and physical changes. The degree of stress and the desire to make the changes will determine how much improvement takes place.


soul-body-relaxHappiness comes from within, Everything is within
Take a break from the fast track of life and have a look around you to further your understanding. Connect with yourself and then with others. At Sai Beauty Clinic London we can offer a customized Stress Management Program to meet your individual needs. Treatment programs can include:

  • Relaxation with Massage
  • Meditation techniques
  • Breathing workshop

Sai Beauty Clinic London can help you in setting Realistic Goals for changes in lifestyle and nutrition to help manage your Stress and Wellbeing.


energy-balancingEverything is energy vibrating at different rates of speed and at different levels of awareness. Your mind, body and soul are composed of this same energy each vibrating at different frequency. Think of your energy as one unifying force that is connected to everything.

Sai Beauty Clinic London have specialised in the Science of Energy Medicine and can offer you a program that incorporates breathing techniques combined with meditation and energy balancing exercises, to create a feeling of more balanced energy and vitality.

The toxic energy of stress, negative feeling and limiting thoughts, have to be removed first by using these techniques. Positive energy can be absorbed by your body and mind to create a feeling of vitality and revitalisation once the stress, tension and fatigue and negative feelings is released.


The Art Of Being Still – MEDITATION allows you to explore a new world, a new universe all on its own – the world of your inner self. This world is available to anyone who will take the time to become aware. By opening to your inner self, you bring a new consciousness into every aspect of your life. You begin to live a more fulfilled existence and a happier life.
Within today’s outer world of turmoil, anger, greed, frustration and stress, there is a place where you can find peace and understanding and a world of unlimited potential and promise. This safe haven of beauty and love lies inside of each and every person. When you turn off the turmoil of the outer physical world and tune in into the silence of this inner beauty, you will find the feeling of peace that surpasses all understanding.
The practise of Meditation allows one to tune inside oneself. Meditation is a process whereby one can create a balance of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self, in the silence of their natural state of being. When you practise meditation and concentrate your energies on the spiritual nature within, you will learn to recognize the oneness and wholeness of all of life.

Meditation is a way to move into a consciousness of real knowing. As you sit silently and focus your attention inwardly, you, start to become aware of your true self. The more you meditate, the stronger this awareness becomes and the more you are able to let go of your stress and deal with life’s situations with ease and certainty. Your doubts, insecurities and anxieties diminish in size because you feel connected to your true purpose.
Meditation allows you to activate your cosmic energies. These forces illuminate and energize the spiritual centres inside the body. The light of unconditional love and beauty is energized within and continues to deepen and grow with each practise of meditation. The process will lead to increased self – awareness, and will help remove negative thought forms and limiting self – belief. The more you transform yourself through the process of meditation, the more you can influence others in a positive way.

When you meditate at Sai Beauty Clinic London, you enter into a feeling of tranquillity, calm and peace.
Your minds own sanctuary. Gradually your mind will be in a natural state of clarity and luminosity. You can take a little breather from the fast track of daily life and create some space connecting with your Inner beauty.


You tap into the purity of Higher Consciousness where Ignorance, Judgement and Hostility do not exist.


breathingBreathe is life. By breathing air, we breathe the essential oxygen, gasses and air energy vitality that energise our physical body and mind. At Sai Beauty Clinic London we offer a simple guided practical approach to corrective breathing techniques. The Program was designed to help

  • Rejuvenate the body and release stress and body tension
  • More oxygen in the blood and to increase metabolism, accelerate weight loss, purify and detoxify the whole body
  • Improve body strength and stamina
  • Increase vitality and improve its proper circulation throughout the entire body
  • Release toxins and stress from all the internal organs and energise the body
  • Activate and align certain power centres of the body
  • Overall alignment of the body, emotions, mind and spiritual connection.

This program is suitable for all ages, however a full consultation is required before commencing on any breathing programs.